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    An original concept, with a comprehensive approach to controling the verification process during production management.

    Due to its modular concept, Nutriciel is the complete MES for Animal Nutrition production unity : its interface and all its functions are automated.It controls, manages and analyses your production.Its vocation : to make you win on quality, productivity and efficiency, with amoderate and manageable maintenance cost. The longevity of your investment is guaranteed.

    • Due to a modular construction, Nutriciel moves with your needs.
    • Management of data

    Parameter management of all MES modules and automation functions.

    • Process monitoring

    Under the control of dynamic supervision, all of theprocess functions manufacturing unity are automated.

    • Security

    On the basis of regulatory constraints, it takes intoaccount the management of incompatibilities,medicinal batches and requalification.

    • Stocks

    stock control management by analysing all archivedmovements simultaneously.

    • Traceability

    Ascending and descending with research method parameters.

    • Communication

    Nutriciel, the bridge between communication tools and the information system

    • Reporting

    Authorising exchanges thanks to the placement of complex networks. Simple analysis of user data.

    • Quality

    In conjunction with security and communication,sampling, analysis and alerts controls.

    • Logistics

    A tool to aid an organisation’s decision making process based on delivery turnaround.

    • Organisation

    In conjunction with the ERP it assists with forward planning your manufacturing.

    • Maintenance

    Complete GMAO based on the whole equipment process..