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    An industrial solution, simple and modular.

    • Performance process system for production management and traceability dedicated to the milling process.

    It's principle functions are :

    • To direct the mill
    • The harvesting of all necessary information for monitoring traceability.

    This whole unique system has been developed in order to ease exploitation.Its principle mechanism rests on systematically archiving all events linked to fabrication,assembly, transport, and the analysis of different materials found in the mill.

    • Amongst the different events traced, one can recover :
    • Material movements (entry and exit flows of one storage zone)
    • Zero points
    • Analysis carried out on samples
    • Defects associated with a procedure
    • The starting and stopping of machines.

    The link between all events is the batch number which identifies, within a 10 year period, any unique behaviour.No matter which process…at each material movement in a mill, a new batch number is created.

    • These events can be supplied in many ways :
    • by automation dedicated to the total control of all process elements.
    • by automation dedicated to controlling origins of extractions and positioning of destinations.
    • by manual data inputs.
    • Managing production and traceability.
    • Managed functions :
    • Reception of materials
    • Transference, mixing of wheat (or cereals)
    • Manual decanting
    • Washing, anchorage
    • Grinding process
    • Transfer, mixing of flours
    • Sacking
    • Management of ware house (WMS)
    • Dispatch
    • Maintenance

    • Minotique offers a natural cutout of functions identified in accordance with the flow diagram of the mill.

    The mill flows are governed by a gradual cutout of logical functioning.This commences at the management planning stages, again at the start of manufacture and leading up to the creation and monitoring of historical details.They include automation and the process of supervision.