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    An integrated solution to monitoring the process and management of production unity.

    • Standard and rational development methods
    • Analysis of practical details
    • Rules of development
    • Object programming founded upon proven modules
    • Formulas and test platforms with tools of simulation
    • Technical documentation management
    • Dynamic supervision.

    • Controlled accessibility - ergonomy and automony

    Without technical skills in IT or automation. Without specific materials :

    • Clear visualisation of circuit
    • flexibility of utilisation and parameters
    • Forcing mobiles (machines and process elements)
    • Forcing and parameters for entrances and exits
    • Forcing and parameters of variables

    With a systematique trace of completed actions.

    • An IT solution open to industry
    • Secure Windows Server platform
    • Universal database ORACLE (Oracle Partner)
    • Client Architecture - Server
    • The integration of your company’s information and office automation systems.

    • Factual Management : a core function

    It is the systematic archival of all events produced in the process which guarantees its functions :

    • Traceability
    • Security
    • History
    • Maintenance and optimisation.

    Analysis of traceability :
    Ascending and descending traceability with parameters for research methods.